Diving Courses with Phuket diving, Thailand

You always wonder how it is to dive? What does it take to learn diving? You will find the answer to your question and see the choices which are offered to you to start scuba diving or to continue your dive education.

We offer two types of diving courses, PADI and CMAS; both are worldwide recognized training. Even if for the introduction course there such little difference the training get harder on the Second level. PADI trained for recreational diving with no decompression stop at any dives, CMAS is more for sportive diver looking for more challenge and propose decompression dive profile from the second level.

After completing a scuba diving course with us, you will receive a lifetime certification that you can use for book dive trip everywhere in the world.

Learn to dive or continue your dive education with PADI courses. PADI is the most famous diving organisation worldwide recognized. Easy and fun for all recreational divers.

Enter a new world, with CMAS dive training you will progress as a sportive diver. For all divers who like challenges. CMAS is recognized worldwide.