CMAS Courses with Phuket Diving, Thailand

You alway wonder how it is to dive? What it take to learn diving? You will find the answer to your question and see the choices which are offered to you to start scuba diving or to continue your dive education.

CMAS is “Confédération Mondial des Activitées Subaquatiques” (world confederation of underwater activities). The aim of CMAS is to use all appropriate means to develop and encourage the understanding and conservation of the underwater world as well as the practice of aquatic and marine sports and activities.

Beginner Courses

Learn to dive is one of the most exciting activity you can do in Phuket, Thailand. Imagine how it is to explore the underwater world, with his wonderful colors and creatures. Don’t wait longer…

Advanced Courses

PADI Advanced Open Water

If you have already a dive certification and you want to learn more. We propose advanced courses to gain more confidence and diving skills. Those courses will give you access to deeper dive sites.

Specialty Courses

CMAS specialty courses allow you to focus on specifics adventure dive and gain more experience. After you Level 2 or 3, specialty will give you more experience in a dive type such Deep, wreck or Nitrox.

CMAS: “Confédération Mondiale des Activitées Aquatique”. 

Nothing would have been possible without the passion and strong friendship that brought to life the first association of fishermen, underwater hunters, and divers within the organisation of the International Confederation of Sports Fishing, which was founded on 22nd of February 1952.

In 1958 several members of CIPS had an idea in mind to create a purely underwater organisation. This important decision was handled on the 6th congress of CIPS that was held in Bruxelles, on 28th of September 1958. Ten federations made a decision to create an international confederation of underwater activities that would take over the assignment of the marine sports committee of CIPS. CMAS became the successor to the “Comité des Sports Sous-Marins” (Underwater Sports Committee) of CIPS. This confederation, the new international standards would give the possibility to people of different cultures to get to know each other and work together in harmony.

From 9th to 11th of January 1959 the World Underwater Federation has been established by the delegates of 15 countries unanimously.

The delegates were from the following Federations:

Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Switzerland, the United States of America and Yugoslavia. Cdt Jaques-Yves Cousteau, the underwater pioneer, was present as the delegate of Monaco and was elected president.

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